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Июль 2017
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Conference “Modern Capitals and Historical Peripheries: Central Europe from the Perspective of Contested Modernities” (Budapest, 20-21 October, 2017)

29 Июл 2017

There is no such thing as modernity. There are different modernities: Weimarian modernity, Viennese modernity, etc. Max Weber defined modernity as a process of overall modernization of life from the institution to that of individual life strategies. The ‘Great Transformation’, borrowing the title of Karl Manneim’s famous book, i.e. the passage from the premodern era […]

Conference “The Gender of Sovereignty in European Politics and Aesthetics” (Leuven, 18-20 December 2017)

29 Июл 2017

To what extent would our perception of the history of sovereignty change if we systematically looked at it from a gender perspective? Sovereignty as political power or authority of governance has been a major theme in European thought from the beginning of the intellectual reflection on community. Indeed, a multiplicity of discourses and cultural practices […]

Conference “Why Public History?” (Belfast, 7-8 December 2017)

29 Июл 2017

In Autumn 2017 the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast is launching its new Centre for Public History. An interdisciplinary initiative, the Centre aims to provide a broad approach to the multi-faceted method of public history – in theory, application, and critique. This inaugaral annual conference begins that task by […]

Conference “1917/2017. Revolutions, Communist Legacies and Spectres of the Future” (St. Petersburg, October 24–26, 2017)

28 Июл 2017

Independent not-for-profit educational organization of higher education “European University at St. Petersburg” 1917/2017 Revolutions, Communist Legacies and Spectres of the Future What is the meaning of the event of the 1917 revolutions for us today? What did 1917 open and what did it block? What are its legacies and what is the relation of 1917 […]

Conference “Perception of Russia in Contemporary World: Memory, Identity, Conflicts” (Joensuu, November 27-28, 2017)

26 Июл 2017

Conference Perception of Russia in Contemporary World: Memory, Identity, Conflicts Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland Finland, November 27-28th 2017 This event is viewed as a capstone of the international research project “Perception of Russia Across Eurasia: Memory, Identity, Conflicts” which is being implemented by the international team of scholars within the framework of EU-Russia scientific […]

Conference “Ethnicity and Kinship: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Family, Community, and Difference” (Graz, 30 May – 2 June 2018)

25 Июл 2017

“Individuals typically learn their assigned place in hierarchies of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, and social class in their families of origin,” argues Patricia Hill Collins in her study of the intersectionality of “race,” nationhood, and gender in racial/ethnic US American families. Hill Collins’s work shifts the focus from long dominant to less restrictive family […]

XVIII International Hemingway Conference “Hemingway in Paris / Paris est une fête” (Paris, July 22-28, 2018)

21 Июл 2017

XVIII International Hemingway Conference HEMINGWAY IN PARIS “Paris est une fête” . . . Hemingway’s Moveable Feast JULY 22-28, 2018 Conference Co-Directors: H. R. Stoneback & Matthew Nickel Paris Site Coordinators: Alice Mikal Craven & William E. Dow Host Institution: The American University of Paris Mark your calendars now for what promises to be an […]

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