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CALL FOR PAPERS: “The Motherland Calls!”. Fifty Years in the Ranks

The image of the Motherland occupies a special place in Russian culture. It is widely represented in literary works, philosophical concepts, and various forms of fine arts. One of its most famous visual representations is the “The Motherland calls!” monument by Yevgeny Vuchetich. This military memorial complex on the Mamayev Kurgan is dedicated to the participants of the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Motherland statue symbolizes, above all, the nation’s collective memory of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. At the same time, this statue has become one of the recognizable symbols of Russia. “The Motherland calls!” is involved in the practices of political mobilization and regional branding, politics of identity and advertising… In October 2017, Russia will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Volgograd monument, and this is a good reason to comprehend its significance in country’s cultural and political life.

The collection of papers will be published as a part of the project “The Symbol of the Motherland in Symbolic Politics of Contemporary Russia” (Russian Foundation for Humanities No 15-03-00010,

Submissions might include reflections on:

•         History of “The Motherland calls!” monument;

•         “The Motherland calls!” monument in symbolic politics;

•         “The Motherland calls!” monument in political mobilization;

•         “The Motherland calls!” monument in the foreign policy discourse;

•         “The Motherland calls!” monument in the politics of regional identity;

•         “The Motherland calls!” monument in the educational policy;

•         “The Motherland calls!” monument in the popular culture;

•         The mother image in war propaganda;

•         The mother image in the war memorials in Russia and abroad.

The articles will be published in the special issue of the electronic journal “Labyrinth”.

The length of the article should be within 30 000 to a maximum of 40 000 characters.

Abstracts (150 – 200 words) of the proposed articles should be sent by April 25, 2017.

Full articles will be due by July 25, 2017 (for publication in September 2017).

Submissions will be accepted in Russian and English.

Instruction for the contributors could be found at “Labyrinth”.

Guest editor of the special issue is Oleg V. Riabov, Professor, Dr. Sc., Consultant of the Vice-Rector for Research at St. Petersburg State University,


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